Live at Robson Valley Music Festival Canada 2016


‘So undeniably distinctive, creative and experimental, their music reaches far beyond the scope of multi-genre, it is multi-dimensional.’ Mojo Junction

Australian based duo The Imprints weave high-energy violin and drums with synths and electronics to create heavy bass and beats driven dance music.

Playing together for over six years the duo have evolved and re-invented themselves several times playing everything from trip-hop, dub, twenty minute long dreamy improvisations, art-pop and gypsy-folk before finding their signature blend of dance music created live with loop stations every time they perform.

‘A natural chemistry on stage’ Raindrops and Rooftops

With the pulsating feel of electronic music and the raw live energy of violin and drum kit, The Imprints are known for their slow building, psychedelic tunes that are equally at home in front of a folk festival audience as they are on an electronic festival stage. They’ve performed festivals and headline shows in the UK, Europe, Greenland, Canada, Asia and Australia with highlights including Glastonbury (UK) and Fusion Festival (Germany).

‘Stunning and atmospheric’ Tone Deaf


Fresh from their 2016 Europe/Greenland/Canada tour The Imprints are taking a short break to record some new tracks. Check in soon for Australian dates where they will be launching a brand new live album alongside the new studio tracks.

The Imprints Promotional Picture

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